Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Blasphemy accused in Karachi seeks security

The Blasphemy law has been twisted and misused again in a case in Karachi by a religious group.
This time the victim is Noel Gulzar, a Christian youth who said that some religious extremists have threatened to kill him over a fabricated blasphemy allegation. He demanded the government to provide him protection.

While talking to journalists at the Sindh High Court’s cafeteria Noel informed further saying a few months ago he got a shop at Meccasa Shopping Centre, near Essa Nagri on rent to start his own business of ‘books and stationery’. One day while cleaning his shop's exterior he noticed near the garbage some papers burnt outside the shop.

On the same day some unidentified people came to his shop and they alleged that ‘he has committed blasphemy because of garbage burning, as it was the Holy Quran and some pages of the Hadith’.

Noel escaped from the scene and tried to approach the PIB Colony police station to register a complaint of the incident but unfortunately as he reached the the police station the group accusing him was present there, he said.

Noel said that later he sent a complaint to the SHO PIB Colony through courier service. He also demanded of the Sindh governor, Chief minister, inspector general of police and CCPO Karachi to provide him protection.

MPA Saleem Khursheed Khokhar, while talking to Daily Times on the issue, said that Gulzar had come to him. He said: “It is the badness of our society that some opportunists are using the religion for their wasted interests and a common man is facing trouble.”

Another case of business rivalry ? We hope someone from Karachi can update us further.

Source: Daily Times

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