Saturday, 23 July 2011

APCL launched in Islamabad

A new political party has been launched by  Professor Salamat Khokhar and Denmark based lawyer Nawaz Salamat.
Professor Salamat is a well known and respected individual of the Christian community in Pakistan and is the founding chairperson of the All Pakistan Christian League (APCL) whereas Nawaz Salamat has been appointed as the Co-chairman of the party meant to be the only Christian political party.
Professor Akhtar said “APCL will be the first representative party in Pakistan purely for Christians since 1972”. 

The party's manifesto is based on Quaid-e-Azam's vision of equality for all citizens of Pakistan.

The party’s agenda is ensuring unity and well-being of the Christian community, education for all, repeal discriminatory laws, integrity and well being of Christian women, youth, farmers and labourers. The party will also strive for democracy and right of double vote for non-Muslims, shelter to homeless Christians, accurate census of Christians community and one-fourth share in federal as well as provincial services.

The website of APCL is underway to interact with the party and will welcome suggestions for better functioning of the party. The party hopes to complete legal formalities soon.

Nazim Sajjad has been nominated as president of APCL Islamabad chapter, 
Zeeshan Joseph as president of Punjab chapter, 
James Allah Ditta, president Rawalpindi chapter, 
Hubert George, president for US chapter,  
Chaudhry Yousuf Akhtar, president for Germany chapter.

The flag of the newly formed party is described as:The importance of our flag.

The bright star in the white portion of the flag represents Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior Who is the bright star of the line of David a Great Prophet and King.The scientists are of the view the Crescent has no light at all therefore it is the light of our star that generates Prosperity in Pakistan. The white part signifies peace and Justice. It also stands for Minorities.
 A very important message of the white part of our flag is Equality. It means that we are equal citizens of our motherland and nobody is superior to us in Pakistan.

The idea of Pakistan was depending on Equality but a very sad fact is that we are never treated as equal citizen therefore we will continue our struggle for equal rights in Pakistan.

Nawaz Salamat has been networking aggressively on Facebook to interact and connect to Pakistani Christians around the globe receiving praises and many times criticism, however unable to conquer his enthusiasm and spirit to move forward and lay the foundation stone for a new beginning.


  1. Sir i m from karachi, or main yaha k logo ko tayr kar raha hn is party ko support karne k liye, lekin jab tak ap T.V par is party ko show nahi karengy, log inspire nahi hongy, T.V par dekhne se logo may josh paida hoga, or phr woh bina kisi dar k is party ko support karengy, or plzzzzzzzzzzzzz is party ko kabhi bnd mat kijiyega.