Sunday, 22 May 2011

Joel Sahotra demands ‘equal privileges’ for minorities

Mr. Joel Amir Sahotra, a member of the Punjab Assembly, has demanded that the government should take steps to treat students from religious minorities on an equal basis.

Sahotra has raised the question of giving an alloting 20 marks to Muslim students in what is called “Hafiz-e-Quran,” which means that when he or she has memorized the Quran by heart, they are given these special marks.

He said, when a Muslim student applies for admission to a college, university or professional educational institutions, that person is given an additional marks as a way to recognize “their love for the Quran.”
Minorities the most vulnerable segment of our society and live hand-to-mouth and when this occurs, this drastic situation makes it difficult for non-Muslim students get a professional and higher education to become part of mainstream of the country,” he said.

“Giving additional marks to a Quran Hafiz also applies to when someone applies for a job in the government and/or in the private sector, as the Muslim student is given five additional marks during an interview that involves a test.

I have observed that Christian youth, and others from different religious minorities, love their Holy books. There are thousands of young people who read Bible every day and attend various Bible courses. They must also be recognized by the state.”
Mr. Sahotra went on to say that Rana Sana Ulla, the Minister for Law in Punjab, has “assured” him that he would soon start a “consultation” to get “solution for the students and candidates from religious minorities who are applying for jobs.”

Would his demand for equality be implemented ?

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