Sunday, 8 May 2011

Gujranwala update- Aman Chowk

Here is a rough translation of this article:
Strict action would be taken against those that ruin peace.
All the residents of Aziz Colony should return home as we assure full peace and protection. Khokharki visit and order to file a case against those who uploaded extremist video on Youtube. (by CPO)

CPO Gujranwala along with leaders of ETEHAAD COMMITTEE and journalists visted KHOKHARKI and inquired about the current conditions of peace in the area from the appointed officers. He said that a society can never survive without peace so he renamed the "Pawranwala Chwok" as "AMAN CHOWk". This name will be announced soon officially in the presence of Islamic Ulma and Christian priests. He said that strict acions would be taken against anyone who tried to ruin peace of the area as no one has right to do so. He assured peace in the area to all residents of the Colony and appealed them to return to their houses.

Are Christians looking for solutions to the blasphemy laws and an end to discrimination or to renaming of landmarks ?

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