Saturday, 4 June 2011

Armed Muslims damage altar, and desecrate Bible in Presbyterian Church

Muhammad Shoaib (alias Mota), entered a church accompanied with 3 armed men named  Iqbal Kumhar, Ashiq Machhi and another man, all of them were drunk; they began shouting at the congregation demanding they to turn off their Church's loudspeakers and pushing down the dais.
The miscreant; Muhammad Shoaib is the nephew of former MPA Mansha Sindhu,  PML-Q provincial lawmaker, Shoaib forcibly entered Numseoul Presbyterian Church in Lakhoki Kahna village (Lahore) with a 44-bore gun and a 30-bore pistol disrupting the Sunday mass, manhandling Church members  and throwing the Bible towards the wall desecrating the Cross and damaging the altar.

Police were reluctant to register an FIR and the SP of the local police station Malik Awais denied Shoaib carried weapons and that he was heavily intoxicated on the day of the incident; adding that no Bible was desecrated and stating that loudspeakers were “not even allowed in mosques,” he said the Christians were making false allegations and exaggerating the incident.
Pastor Ashraf Masih said that their Church was using loudspeakers only inside the church building.  The Church was established in the village by a South Korean ministry in 2004.

This is not Shoaib's first incident, he has earlier manhandled a 70 year old elder of the Church asking them to stop singing hymns.
Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif was present in the area that day to inaugurate a housing scheme, this add pressure on the police to keep the Christians from blocking the road in protest.
Pastor Masih said that after an hour-long negotiation with Christian representatives, Sindhu agreed to have Shoaib publicly apologize, but that the police’s hostile attitude toward the Christians was evident in open support of Sindhu and his men.
Pakistan's widely criticized blasphemy law does not protect or apply to other religions except Islam when Holy books like Bibles or other scriptures are desecrated.  

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  1. this is a very shamefull act .

    being a muslims and good human bings every religion should be respectable for us. the concern person and fellows should be punished strictly.