Saturday, 30 April 2011

Protests & attacks in Gujranwala on Christians

The situation in Punjab's city of Gujranwala has been tense since a month after two Christians; a father and a son were accused under Pakistan's controversial blasphemy law. Christians of Gujranwala praised the Punjab police for controlling mobs and planned attacks guarding the residence of the accused Mushtaq and Farrukh Gill as well as many other Christian properties including the Christian Technical Training College where Mushtaq was a faculty member.

In earlier reports it seemed as if both father and son were arrested in a fabricated case however it was not the case as Police had taken them into protective custody for their own safety. Police and Elite force monitored protests last week where a senior police officer asked the leader of the 100 gathered to step forward and immediately the protests dispersed. Since then those behind framing Mushtaq and Farrukh have been planning to carry out attacks and protests with warnings and threats to Christians of Gulzar Colony and other areas forcing many Christian families to move to their relatives or other safer locations outside Gujranwala.
What seemed to be a controlled situation soon took a twist with Reverend Issac being wanted in questioning and involved in the case also. Clerics and supporters demanded the arrest of Rev. Issac who went into hiding, and then escaped Police custody as reported by many individuals. There are many reports about Rev. Issac and it is still unclear why he is being dragged into this.
A Christian, Tariq Masih said "Rev. Issac is a prominent figure in his neighbourhood and is accompanied by armed bodyguards and many muslim neighbours either fear or feel inferior to him. First master Mushtaq and now Issac, the case is not of blasphemy anymore, these clerics want some damage done to the Christian community and no matter what they want to cause harm, fear and declare they are dominating"

It is being said many Christians are planning to move out of their properites and have considered selling them and shifting to safer locations.

 The Blasphemy law was introduced by the late Zia-Ul-Haq and since then it has been a noose waiting to lynch some innocent citizen of Pakistan, Muslims and Christians have been subjected to false accusations and baseless evidences or witnesses can file an FIR to arrest any individual for personal gain or enimity.
 Clerics gathered people yesterday and brainwashed them with false information and ordered them to attack Christians in Gujranwala. They damaged the windows of Christian Technical Training College and also tried to unsuccessfully burn the Christian seminary and Church heavy managing to hurl stones at windows, there was reported firing going on in the Christian colony. Protestors also clashed with police on Sialkot road.
10 people have been injured so far that includes some policemen and Christians,
25 arrests have been made, crowds were shot at by police to disperse them. It is being said if the situation goes out of control then Punjab rangers will impose a curfew.

A protest was announced the night before but then cancelled; however burnt pages of the Quran were found in a graveyard next morning at 7 am and they are trying to frame Rev. Issac for it, no matter what- they want Issac to be arrested.
His property too has been attacked at 8 am.

 A banner was hung on Katcha Fatomabad chowk that said :
In Aziz Colony Gujranwala, We strongly condemn the ghastly incident of Burning Quran and blasphemy against Prophet by these Christians, Sons of Bitches

A Christian on Facebook answered a discussion thread with this Bible verse:
But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. 2- Timothy 3:1
لیکِن یہ جان رکھ کہ اخِیر زمانہ میں بُرے دِن آئیں گے۔ ۲۔ تِیمُتھیُس 3 : 1

Those of you who do not know how Farrukh was arrested and what was the evidence based upon, a child went to a local mosque and handed a letter from an unknown person; the letter read "Farrukh Gill has burnt a Quran"
Is that evidence ? You be the judge.

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